Not sure if I’ll write in here again

I wrote something to put in here today, and will post it below, but first, I need to let you know that I’m considering letting go of this website.  It eventually could draw unwanted attention.  Right now I have a humble audience and that is good.  Thank you for all the reading you’ve done here.

Here’s what I wrote to post today:



One of the miracles of the faith I’ve found myself in is when I find any certain premonition of mine to be true, and even more than that, when I know it’s true before it’s proven.  In the initial moment of the thought occurring to me.  I’ve never been so in touch with truth before, and this new instinct has been growing for a few years now, to the point that I definitely notice the difference.  I didn’t know these completing circles were truly possible for me, and that is why I consider those instances to be miracles.  If squandered, this ability will leave me.  It’s no accident that I’ve arrived here.

I am so eager for others to see the truth, and determined to show them through me, that it exists, that my will backfires in those moments.

Because even my actions alone do not prove anything to an outsider.  It’s whatever they see to be my fruits.  I cannot take on the burden of being the only one in the room with an answer.  I am merely a vessel, just like them, with the ability to become inspired, and we all share a deep-rooted longing for love.  So how can we lose if the right miracle happens for each individual?  The one that breaks down certain walls, enough for everyone to realize what else there really is to do?  I am careful not to say anything that can sound like babble, but I also know how important it is not to worry about sounding crazy or naive to anyone.  I don’t want to be ruled by feelings or what looks poetic on paper.  I have to stick to truth and let that express itself in my uniquely-shaped life.


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