So hard to explain

Over and over, I am encountering the fact that I sound crazy when I tell people about my idea of no one needing any money.  Of purporting a new, different future for mankind.  One where we simply take care of each other.

It’s hard for me to explain to people, and I nearly always forget to mention God, even though Jesus is my inspiration.  And I know one answer to satisfy one person won’t satisfy another.  So I can’t just come up with one quip that I feed everyone when they ask.  It’s a case-by-case basis through which I will reveal my ideas to people.

I shouldn’t be fearful.  I must remember to tell people the avenue through which they can discover the truth themselves: Jesus.  His words are what brought me here.  How much do I really need to share with people, when I can simply tell them that Jesus gave us the roadmap?  Maybe then they’d actually read about him and learn something new.  And not think it’s some fairytale idea but a solid foundation we could build upon if we so choose.

So that helps, just thinking it through, and realizing that I don’t so much have to explain MYSELF to anyone.  Just tell them about Jesus.

A couple people provided free pizza to everyone in the office today.  On a day when I really, really needed the help.  What if everyone did this, every single day?  Just give what they have?  We’d all be covered!

God, I know that a lot of people aren’t down for this idea.  But as for those who are, and just need some hope, we can build.

God, I pray for your revelation over all of us.  Whoever you are.  I believe in the power of love to heal everything, and that we simply must let it in.  That it will not force itself.  It merely knocks on the door.  I pray that you continue to feed us with the truth.  And that you use me for this grand purpose of sharing with the non-believers.  I know where they stand because that’s where I was, and I want to be a vessel for your true words.  Thank you for bringing me this far and staying by my side, backing me up, and seeing ahead.  Thank you for your spirit of absolute truth.  The world needs you.


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