One day holds so much

Not much has even happened yet today.  But I’m here to remind you that every day is meaningful.  You never know what it will bring.

We are so caught up in the game that is money.  Money itself is not evil, it’s just strips of cotton.  What we are doing in its name is the problem!

We strive for money rather than God.  Even if we strive for money in honest ways, it’s simply not what we should be worrying about.  Money is not necessary.  The fact that we use it to determine who should get what, is the problem.

Everyone should get what they need.  Everyone should also get what they want.  What we want, furthermore, really matters.  Shouldn’t everyone have what they want?  If anyone wants to hoard everything they can, something is seriously wrong.  It’s imbalanced.  We have to look at our desires and why they are what they are.  I’m thinking deeply about each choice I make, even if I don’t make the best decisions in a given moment.  I have to really break it all down in order to make a huge change.

I was thinking yesterday… possibly I cannot create change at all.  I am not here to create a revolution where we overcome the “evil people” and establish our own ways.  I am only here to reveal truth and help people.

The real laws of the land are naturally established, whether we follow them or not.  Nature ticks and tocks to the whim of the creator.  We can do nothing about this, though everyone tries every day.

Love is the law.  But when some people aren’t following it, we all suffer.  We all affect each other.  People don’t believe in this enough.  This is why we cannot be foolish enough to think we have made it to the top once we have a ton of money to cover us forever.  Because if one person in the world is still suffering, how can you truly be at peace?  If only one person in the world were suffering while everyone else were happy, we would be quick to help that one person and overcome their problems.  But the need for love is great, and we are tired.  The mess has become so great that it’s easier to strive for your own personal financial success and not worry too much about the others- mail some organization a check so someone can eat a bowl of rice today, and feel better about yourself.  It’s bullshit.  It’s not enough.

I apologize if this appears scatterbrained.  There is so much to say.  I have actions to perform.  Only today, Friday, and Saturday left before I am done with this call center job.  Watch what happens.

Part of me fears that people who are against this universal spiritual revelation will try to tear me down before I can make a huge difference.  So I must not worry about making a huge difference.  I am to let go of fear and do what’s right anyway.  I know where I am headed ultimately.

I was very depressed as a child and wanted to die.  Many times I asked God, “If we all have a purpose that we have to fulfill, why don’t you just tell me what mine is so I can just get it over with?  I don’t think I can stand another minute…”

So he told me, piece by piece, and continues to do so.  And the years flew by like I never knew they would.  I’m 29 now.  Something huge is at hand.

There’s no sense in staying physically comfortable when I know the truth.  I have to risk everything, knowing there’s certainty in what God has promised for us.  I’m really not risking anything.  Just have to be willing to forgo earthly pleasure.

Whatever it is God, you know I have waited for this.  I have been working for it.  That is why you gave me the knowledge that you have, and placed certain people in my life at certain times in certain ways.  I have been crafted perfectly in the way you saw fit for my purpose.

Thank you.  I will not waste this, unlike all the years that I did already.  I was scared and didn’t know, but you knew that.  And you opened my heart all the way… though I bet there is more in store.


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