Getting closer

More truth came out from my partner. I have hit rock bottom with him. I stayed at my parents’ house last night. Now I’m pushed to the limit and have to act.

I texted the co-signer of my car today asking what we have to do in order to sell the car. I’ve never sold one that’s under a loan before. So once I have that figured out, I’ll post it online to get what I need in order to pay off the loan.

Once I have a buyer, I will ask them to wait 2 weeks so I can fulfill my employer’s expectation of notice. Once I’m done with both those things, I will sell my laptop and my phone, and at that point, I won’t be able to update you anymore probably. So in the meantime, I’ll tell you what I can.

Once the laptop and phone are sold, I won’t have anything else left that has real monetary value. I’ll cancel all my accounts and apologize for what I cannot repay.

I’m not sure how my family will react, but I won’t expect them to help me. I know I can always sleep on my parents’ couch and eat their food. I won’t ask for it. It’s up to them how much they do to help me.

Without the honest support of the one I love, I have no fear anymore. I’m getting out of the rat race. I’ll keep you updated.


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