Uncomfortable truth

Once you’ve learned something, if you’re really listening, it’s impossible to un-see it.

It takes stepping out of my comfort zone in order to face what I have seen, especially since the compliance, acceptance, and ignorance of most other people makes it way too easy to stick my head in the sand.  But lately I’ve disallowed myself to simply live with the bullshit that I see.

Companies’ bottom line is always money.  You can go through the worst tragedy in the world, or have the most noble cause, but every single need you have demands a return from the crooked powers that rule this world.  Your mom died today?  Sorry, you still have to pay rent this month on top of all the horror you’re facing.  Better get your ass to work, no one cares about your feelings.  That’s what money says to me.

I genuinely believe that most people, even people we consider to be rich, don’t fully realize what’s going on, and therefore are unaware of the evil they contribute to.

Most of us will randomly say, “Yeah, this soda has high fructose corn syrup, but it tastes so good,” or, “Yeah, I know these paper plates will only be used once, but they’re so much easier and time-saving to use for the picnic.  I’ve got too much other shit to worry about today.”

All the wasted packaging, all the toxic ingredients, all the lies advertised in order to make you buy a product… they are absolutely everywhere!!  You can’t go almost anywhere without seeing it.

Many of our products are made by slave labor, including that of children.  But we continue to buy them, even after knowing the truth, because it’s difficult and more expensive to do things the proper way.

But our complacency will hurt us in the end.  Convenience will not save you, when it comes down to what’s important.

It’s like Saint Peter.  In Jesus’s final days before crucifixion, Peter lied about being Jesus’s follower so that he could take part in standing around a fire to warm up.  He was cold.  It was harder to do the right thing and tell the truth.  In the moment, it was much easier to make himself COMFORTABLE instead of being real and loving toward what he actually believed in.

I don’t want this to be my fate.  I like to think I can gain the strength to stand alone from all this.

And that’s what’s scary: Knowing how alone I will be when I stand in real truth, at the bare-bones of it all.  In the moment when it would be much easier to settle for less.

I am doing better than I was, but could always be doing better.  I stared at an aisle in the grocery store tonight, looking at different packaging from the same company.  Half the products had no special claim on them, while others had a green logo that said, “Naturally!”

Shouldn’t it have been natural already, when it’s food?  What’s really in the other package?

I became overwhelmed, staring at all the plastic wrapping and pretty labels, and told God, “You’re the only one who really gets it completely.”

I’m sharing what I know, but there’s so much more that I don’t.  Like how to stand up to all this by example.  The alternative to buying this crap is only ever buying from the local farmer’s market, and even those food sources are questionable.

Grow my own stuff then.  But the source of the seeds/bulbs/etc is going to be questionable anyway.  “And I don’t have time LOL,” says most everyone.

The least I can do is continue to talk about it.  The momentum builds, the more I force myself to face the facts.  And I know something big is happening.  I want to be part of the force that is good.  God, I want the truth, even if it’s uncomfortable.


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