Enough is enough

I cannot continue to deny the truth, though I’m pretty sure I will be doing just that for some more time.

Money is not what we need, and Jesus proved that.  He also was very clear about the fact that we must accept people who think that money is important.  That doesn’t mean we should participate, however, even though it’s the popular thing to do.

Our society is brainwashed into thinking we have to earn money.  But it doesn’t measure real value or any person’s worth.  The numbers come out of thin air.

The solution is to not worry about money, as Jesus directed.  Though you may end up homeless, hungry, or disliked, it’s no matter- God’s word says so.  But how many of us follow this?  Everyone I know either has a home, or asks for handouts, yet Jesus had no home of his own and he never asked for donations, only accepted what was offered him.  He fully trusted God and said we should do the same.

Again, how many of us follow this?  NO ONE THAT I KNOW.

Would it work?  I feel the reason Christians do not try is because they don’t actually have faith that they will be happy with the results.  They deny one of God’s most important lessons.  I use that blanket statement about self-proclaimed Christians because I don’t know of a single person, Christian or otherwise, that actually lives by these principles.  But since Christians strive to follow Jesus, I’m calling you out, in order to grab your attention.

We don’t trust God.  We look to money management as a means for determining what we can get.  Moreover, we want our fortunes as we see them to be- acquiring money and material possessions- rather than God’s pure blessings.  We discount the incredible value of pure blessings, it’s never enough.  We are willing to sacrifice important things every day in order to attend to jobs that will replace us if we leave.  God will never replace your soul, you are irreplaceable in his eyes.  That’s the message of pure love.

Working for the sake of earning a paycheck is NOT love.  The employer is saying, I will only help you pay rent and eat food if you spend most of your time doing as I say.  And the employee is saying, I will only spend most of my time with you if you give me something to use when you’re not around.

We are hardly aware of this truth.  We are blind to our own misunderstandings.  But if you really look at what Jesus says, and genuinely pore over each statement, you won’t be able to miss the fact that money is worthless to God, and you won’t be able to lie about the fact that your ways are not Jesus’s ways.

When will we embrace the gospel and stop using money?  It could mean losing your spouse.  It could mean losing your house, car, and easy access to food.  It would mean possibly going hungry while looking for a place to sleep.  It means obvious discomfort, at least at first, or at least eventually, depending when you are blessed with the things you need to survive.

The deeper I dig, the closer I get to the edge.  I just can’t keep living this lie, now that I am seeing it even more fully than ever.  I’m building the confidence and knowledge I need in order to carry this out.  It’s a good thing I don’t have children, because this would be much harder to consider if I did.  Another blessing that I must not take for granted: God setting me up for this mission.

The only thing I fear is my death amounting to nothing.  If I just died from starvation or something else that’s terrible and my community were sad, but others never hear about it or it becomes just a passing story, it’s like it would be in vain, and that is something I have no control over, or should even care about!  Once again, we are vain and we don’t trust God to cover us.  We don’t trust love.  But maybe I’m finding ways to make a big change and really let love shine through.

Our familiar survival tactics are hard to give up.  God says they’re really not.  We’re fooled into thinking it’s hard.  No one steps up to God’s word when it comes to money.  Will we?  Will I?  God, I pray that I will continue to receive wisdom that guides me in the correct direction.  Thank you for filling me with your word and promise.  I wish I could say I am sorry that I’m not already giving it all up.  If I were, I would change it right this second.  I can at least be honest with you.  God, just watch, please give me a little time, I’m not leaving.


One thought on “Enough is enough”

  1. Hi Alison,
    I saw your post on Ryans blog and decided to check out your blog.

    I have been on a very similar ‘no money’ path as you. My parents won the lottery in 1998 only to end up bankrupt 4 years later. I then found out that this happens to 19 out of 20 lottery winners. Then, I found out that 19 out of 20 businesses fail and 19 out of 20 people will retire with insufficient funds…obviously not a co-incidence!

    Since then I have been on a mission to discover the truth, and to cut a long story short, I came to the realization around 3 to 4 years ago that I no longer wanted to participate in an ‘economy’ or in ‘money’ and that I needed to answer the following question ‘how do I provide for my family without money?’

    I will confess that I have not completely answered this question just yet, but I do feel I get closer with each day, but more to the point, along this journey I have dispelled some very entrenched beliefs that nowadays amaze me at how easy it is we are duped into believing them.

    For instance, we are led to believe that there is such a thing as ‘human rights’. I noticed in your blog you mentioned that Jesus said not to worry about money, but that we may end up homeless, hungry, or disliked. What is interesting about your comment is that there is obviously a belief (which we all have) behind it which suggests that being housed or having access to food is some privilege or right we must earn. But let’s think about this for a minute.

    My brother has spent many years living on the streets, and it is a ‘legal’ fact that anyone who sleeps anywhere other than in some house or other shelter, will be breaking the law. Put another way, it will be impossible to be homeless, or without clothing, or without food, etc, and not break some law at some point because all of these things will lead to either trespass, being a public nuisance, indecent exposure, begging, scavenging, dumpster diving, etc – all of which are the result of being without basic needs.. And so, whilst the economists, lawyers, politicians, and property owners of this world will have you believe that human needs are ‘rights’, the facts are that human needs are each and every individuals legal duty and responsibility.

    And more in support of this. Would Jesus ever tell anyone to break the law? Of course he wouldn’t! And so, if society with all its law demand that each individual not trespass, be a public nuisance, not beg etc etc, then it is obvious that to be homeless, naked, or without food, will cause you to break the law, and Jesus came to fulfill all laws, not to break them – so don’t let anyone tell you or lead you to believe that housing, clothing, food, and providing for your children is something you must ‘earn’ through money. That is like saying I must ‘pay’ so I don’t speed in my car, or I must ‘pay’ so I don’t punch someone in the face! It’s actually very ridiculous once you think about it.

    The reason people ‘pay’ for housing is because people want to treat a house as more than just a house for shelter, privacy, and nurture of children – they want to treat it as an asset or an ATM machine – and this is why people pay for housing. We are addicted to ‘property’ and treating things and resources as ‘commodities”.

    Jesus said ‘sell all your possessions, and come follow me’. Do you honestly believe Jesus would direct you to become homeless and thus break the law? No – he is telling you to stop treating your things as commodities and treat them for the real reason they were created. A house is designed to be a house – not some asset which just appreciates in value on its own and becomes free money.

    I have much much more I could share, but for now, I would like you to mull over what I have presented and give me your thoughts. Ask yourself ‘how does one fulfill all laws without engaging in economics? How does one ensure they have access to those things they need so as not to break the law without money?

    I will also leave you with this.

    If there is one ‘error’ I have seen repeated time and time again since time began, it is that every person who has set out to write, speak, or criticize the issue of inequality, money and property, etc in this world, has always presented their ideas or solutions as if it needs to be applied to everyone, or by bringing in some laws, or through some political process, which will apply to everyone whether they like it or not – similar to communism or socialism. To me, this is a big error. The ‘only’ solution is for individuals to renounce money ‘individually’ in a way which both serves the community and yet never lets the community know it is doing it!



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