I find it interesting that many supposed love songs seem to be about God

This is one of my favorite bands, but some of their lyrics are a bit racy for me.  Then they write a song like this and it’s clearly about a girl, but you can see the lyrics from a different light:
Additionally, cries out to God can come from the most unlikely places.  Like, first, check out this song by Nicki Minaj (I cut out the duplicate lines):
That song makes her out to be someone who looks down on people for being poor and thinks her money makes her better.  Makes herself out to be someone who feels superior because of her money and fame.
…but, 3 songs later on that CD:
Lots of people seem to crying out for love.  Sometimes I wonder if what they’re really in need of is “God” : Wisdom, clarity, resolution, love.  Like all our troubles and joys come down to your relationship with whatever force keeps us in existence.  Which sounds a little bogus.  I want to really believe in what I’m saying.  Some things are hard to describe.  The best I can do is recognize the need for growth.  Everything unfolds from there.
What do I really know.

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