Putting an end to spiritual warfare

I definitely do not have enough time to tell the whole story.  But I’m so excited about it that I need to get some of it out there before I begin my day.

Last Wednesday at church, which is called the Going Deeper service, the pastor talked about spiritual warfare: How to detect it and a bit about how to put an end to it, which will be continued next week.  I have never in my life tried to see how spiritual warfare is going on in my life- I never knew how I could detect it.  But hearing that sermon opened my eyes.

He listed the ways that possibly indicate is there is spiritual warfare going on in a situation.  I couldn’t write them down fast enough, but the ones I did manage to get on paper were:

1) The attack arrives before growth in the situation can really take place

2) Practical solutions fail to address simple challenges

3) Inability to nail down root causes

4) Energy intensifies around non-missional things

5) Neglect of spiritual disciplines and spiritual leadership have created footholds – we get lax spiritually

6) Situation brings out the worst in everyone

7) Unholy positioning

8) Situation does not lead to personal repentance

9) Common mission gets lost in personal agenda

Through analyzing this list today at lunch, I realized that my situation with Jacob, the mean ex, is exactly like this.

And that’s as far as I can get right now, so I’ll continue after work.


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