Welcome to the first post.

No time to get into detail right now, just wanted to get this started.  I’m looking for the truth in life.  I’ve been back and forth in life – Christian, atheist, agnostic, spiritual, nature-loving, skeptic, curious… always searching for truth, ultimately.  I’ve made interesting headway in recent years and decided I should lay it out in hopes to connect someone in a similar position with more details in their search for the truth about existence.  More later ❤


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the first post.”

  1. Is God Real?

    The first question I ask anyone who speaks of God, let alone, ‘being real’, is to define God.

    I did not find God until I studied trust law, and then I found him………What a strange place to find him!

    The reason I found him in trust law is because it is only in trust law that I can see how anyone can handle any resource, be it land or labour, or any fruits thereof, and do so in a way where one fulfills the maxim – treat others as you would have them treat you – because only in trust law are you ‘required’ by law to put your own interests last.

    A man in the 1800’s once said there should be no property and everyone should hold all resources in trust for the State.

    I translate that into this:

    I can only serve the whole community if I hold all my labours and all fruits thereof, and all resources under my management, in trust for the whole community, and then and only then am I fulfilling all laws.

    God is trust law as far as I can see

    Let me know your thoughts 🙂


  2. To define God: God is truth. It’s the bare-bones of everything. What everything comes down to. What we are all destined for. Ultimate law. And I think ultimate law is what is God. And I think the ultimate law is love. Love creates and maintains love, and is the only thing that can transcend hate. Hate seeks to oppose and drag down. God is the opposite of hate. And I agree, love is doing to others what you’ve have them do unto you. I feel your translation is spot-on. I agree, God is ultimate truth.


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